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Argumentation Revisions

April 6, 2010 Leave a comment


I have finished grading your argumentation papers. Those of you who wish to do a revision should get it into me by the weekend. Thanks!


Problems With Papers: Argumentation Edition!

April 2, 2010 Leave a comment


A few concerns with your argumentation papers:

  • Each entry from the argument pair in Subject & Strategy gets a¬†separate¬†works cited entry.
  • Make sure you refresh yourself on the correct way to do block quotes.
  • Never, never, ever use phrases like “I totally agree” or “in my opinion,” you will end up sounding apologetic for your views!
  • Make sure you are following the requirements set forth on paper handouts.
  • Again, do not refer to the authors of books/articles/etc by their first name…and…
  • This isn’t the New York Times, therefore you don’t have to call people you reference Mr., Ms., or Mrs.

Extending The Argument

March 26, 2010 Leave a comment


After some deliberation, I have decided to extend the deadline for the argumentation paper until Sunday evening. The class is working very hard and a few more days will give you time to put in your best effort.

Please get your papers in to my email by midnight on Sunday evening/Monday morning.

The Argumentation Paper

February 27, 2010 Leave a comment


Due to the inclement weather and cancellation of classes on Friday, I was not able to submit the argumentation paper handout to be printed. I am putting it up on our website for you to check out a few days early. I will not have copies with me in class on Monday, but I will go over it with you then. I will pick up print copies during my office hours and have them then if you’d like to pick one up. I will also bring print copies on Wednesday to class.

On Monday and Wednesday we will discuss argumentation.

Click here to download a pdf of the handout