Teaching Philosophy

A.A. in Liberal Arts, Ocean County College 2000
B.A. in Literature, w/ Minors in Writing & Philosophy/Religious Studies 2006
M.A. in English, Monmouth University 2009

Teaching Philosophy
Primarily, I see myself as a guide for students who are developing the skills they will need to succeed in college level reading and writing. In my classroom, my focus is on using collaboration and interactivity between myself and students whether during lectures, group work, or one on one interaction. I encourage open discussion and peer collaboration at all times. My goal in my classroom is for students to feel like they can ask any question, raise any point they feel is important, and more generally feel like their ideas are valued and essential to the collective learning process. In most classes, the first question I ask my students is what direction they want our discussion to go whether it is a question, comment, or idea. I could lecture for hours in front of a classroom of students, but my concern is with developing my student’s ideas and skills and offering a forum where they can discuss them without fear or judgment.

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